Insane or In Sane

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I am starting to wonder, if I am in over my head in this final year of uni life. Deciding to juggle so many things each week, I knew it was not going to be a path full of flowers and glitter. However, I did not expect it to be a drowning situation where I might not even be able to see the surface.

Dissertation, Final Year Project, Work, Trainings, Housechores, Finding time to spend with my grandfather .

How am I to do it, let alone survive, by myself?

Many around me have already told me I’m insane.


Tough times now, tougher times ahead.

I need help

(or some support would suffice too).


Inked with love and a mind full of worries,

Adelia Mikaela


Twenty, Twenty-one.



Being 20,

The constant excuses of being young

was the way to get out of responsibilities.

Acting like a teenager and getting away with it

was the last of it.

Being rebellious was a stage

that could be covered with one eye.


As I turn 21,

reality finally sinks,

as days of real struggles creep in.

Responsibilities increased, spending time on people who don’t bring me happiness decreased.

The need to grow up overnight vanquish all other worries.

And at a certain point in time,

growing up did not sound as fun as I’d imagined when I was 10.

Nevertheless, with the friends I have besieged,

and the family I am constantly surrounded with,

the inevitability of being alright cannot even be fully expressed.


All my life, I have been blessed with being given so much more than I give. Gratefulness does not even cover the feeling I have. Because of the love that has been constantly showered upon me, the need to become a better person than I was yesterday has enhanced. I wish that for all whom I know, would be blessed with the happiness they deserved and top notch health.

Thank you for being part of my life and I can only hope that you would continue to sit on my roller coaster ride.


Inked with tons of love, indebtedness and new adulthood obligations in mind (and heart),

Adelia Mikaela


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I have never fell so much in love with any collection this much before but omg, the Alexander Wang x H&M is just downright gorgeous. I mean, come on, everyone knows how amazing Alexander Wang can be but this? With him playing around with black and grey, he just pulled all of my heartstrings. This collaboration sees a mixture of performance wear and sporty items as his idea for this collection is to tackle sports at night. So, don’t be surprised when you see people around you wearing the collection into clubs after it launches on Nov 6. For those die- hard wang fanatics, fret not if you worry about not seeing his accents. Some of his signature designs are being showcased in some of the clothes in the collection such as his sheer striped detailing and cut outs that can be seen throughout his spring/summer 2013 collection.

I can safely bet the most elating news for those who are in the same financial plight as me is that we, who don’t even have the heart to pay $10 for a Macs meal, much less any of wang’s item, can finally grab one off the H&M shelves and place it in the cleanest end of our wardrobe. The only thing to worry now is how early I would have to queue outside one of the stores to get my hands on them. To my fellow Singaporeans, don’t fight with me for the last cropped sweater or the stunning sports bra if you want to leave the store without bruises because I CALL DIBS.
Now, exercising at night doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea anymore, does it?
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Inked with love and exercise still in mind,
Adelia Mikaela