What I did last year.


The last thing I remembered was celebrating Christmas yesterday and poof, January is already coming to an end. Where is time rushing to? Before life goes by any faster, I got myself to stop and think if I had anything worth to tell my future offsprings.

  1. I graduated school with a diploma.
  2. And started my uni life 3 months after.
  3. Started drinking coffee.
  4. Worked at Malaysia Fashion Week.
  5. And saw Jimmy Choo almost everyday that week till it became a norm.
  6. Found closure of a lost friendship after a year.
  7. Sprained my ankle – I had to wear sneakers for Christmas, how fancy.
  8. Went on an overnight fishing trip on my birthday – I got seasick (and we almost died).
  9. Because I got forced to drink 5 tequila shots the night before.
  10. Got my hair permed.
  11. Started a digital magazine.
  12. but did not publish anymore after the first one. Boo.
  13. Conquered my 3rd Disneyland. All I’m left is to travel to the States.
  14. Made new friends.
  15. Got invited to another Social night.
  16. And decided to attend it for the first time, ever.
  17. Went rock climbing.
  18. Painted one side of my room wall bluish grey.
  19. Stepped into a club for the first and last time.
  20. Learnt how to use the washing machine.


Hmm, not too shabby for my 20th year on earth. *pats myself on the shoulder. Let’s see how thrilling my roller coaster ride would be like this year.


Inked with love and more first times this year in mind,

Adelia Mikaela


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