Cool nighttime breeze

Oversized Knitted sweaters

Reading in bed

A cup of hot chocolate / earl grey tea 

Raisin scones 

The smell of after rain

Pumpkin soup

Hopes of seeing snow


Warm Hugs


My summer-y winter list


(Beanie and skirt from Factorie, Top from thrift shop, Shoes from Zalora)

Here comes the less summer-y season.

The days where I get to take out my beanie and leather jacket to see the world again are here. I find myself snuggling under the covers very often on my off days. And if I’m willing to get out of my cozy duvet, a cup of hot chocolate (with tiny marshmallows, of course) would be perfect. But just as I think I can get use to hearing the rain knocking on my window, the big star intervenes and steals the spotlight. It brings us back to reality of our geographical location.

The start of this season is also a reminder. A yellow post-it that the year is coming to an end and a new start is closing in. And the time where realisation strikes that, I’m growing older. “Start doing what you love and let nothing hold you back. Do it while you’re young so as to not have regrets” says almost everyone older than me. And so, step by step I’ll take, step by step I’ll make it.


Inked with a few plans for the new year in mind,

Adelia Mikaela