Singapore Art Book Fair 2014


Hustling in and bustling out, little giants spilled through.

Spread across the room they did, exactly how a wildfire would.

Wow, was my first thought. To see many locals appreciating,

Such a heartwarming scene that these artists are creating.


image_12 Surrounded by something that enticed me

I decided not to hold a grudge.

For it was the books I bought (and could not afford),

that had my heartstrings tugged. image_13 image_14 image_15 image_16 image_17 image_18 Lucky me got sandwiched between artists

that were talented enough to be stars.

They are known to so many that

their stardoms stretches all the way to Mars.   image_9 During intervals I chatted up with them,

to get to know more about them and their works.

Clearly it took them courage to take that first step

or they might have just ended up being boring old clerks.

image_10 (Love print, editors from Dubai.) 

I am especially fortunate to have sat beside Delere Press,

an online publication that writes amazing stuff.

I got many good advices from two amazing artists

that I could use to sharpen my craft. image_11

   (Delere Press, Singapore.) 

From nicely illustrated books to pretty postcards

to well written books to ones about fashion,

I bought them all. Why, you shall ask

because all them books caught my attention. Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset So my first two days of intern was not as bad as I expected,

because without these two days I would not have found back my spark.

I hope with all I have seen and heard,

would I actually then take a leap of faith and find my voice (inserts exclamation mark). image_20

Inked with a spark in my heart and mind,

Adelia Mikaela